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Silkscreen Printing & Pad Printing vs. Sanford Print

It’s all about the ink and where it ends up – By Tim Cabot, President of DCHN

Silkscreen and pad printing are common methods for printing in general and are used regularly for printing on anodized aluminum articles. So what’s the difference between these methods and Sanford Print?

Let’s start with how silkscreen and pad printing […]

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4 Top Considerations when Printing or Marking on Anodized Aluminum Substrates on Medical Devices

When printing or marking on an anodized aluminum substrate for medical devices, there is much to consider. Before we begin that discussion, a variable to keep in mind Sanford Print is that there are a few printing and marking techniques commonly used:
Laser etch—creates a permanent mark of varying contrast strength, is environmentally friendly, very […]

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Marine: Corrosion Resistance in a Challenging Environment

How to protect Aluminum Boats from Salt Water Corrosion – By Tim Cabot, President of DCHN

Salt water marine is considered to be one of the toughest environments for aluminum, as salt-water and galvanic conditions are a perfect recipe for rapid corrosion.

Given our long history with manufacturers of military, commercial and yachting hardware due to our […]

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The MICRALOX Salt Water Fishing Reel

This is No Fish Story for Real – The MICRALOX Salt Water Fishing Reel
By Tim Cabot – President of DCHN

We never set out to make fishing equipment corrosion resistant, but if salt water is messing up your fishing reel, we have a story to tell. MICRALOX® was developed to solve the problem of corrosion […]

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Embedded Printing Identification for Anodized Aluminum

“Here today, Here Tomorrow”
Understanding your options in selecting the most durable and long-lived identification marking for Anodized Aluminum parts – Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Corporation

Woonsocket, RI (January 24, 2014)

There are many reasons to have identification marks on metal parts: identification, branding, instruction, warning, adding designs, and for compliance and legal issues. In […]

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Does the MICRALOX® Process Leave Rack Marks?

MICRALOX® Aluminum Hard Coat Process: Techniques for Minimizing Rack Marks
– Jack Tetrault, President of Sanford Process Company

Woonsocket, RI

The short answer is – yes. MICRALOX® is an anodic aluminum hardcoat technology. To drive the process, electrical current needs to be applied to the part to convert surface aluminum into aluminum oxide. As MICRALOX® is normally […]

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Is MICRALOX® Approved for Use in the EU?

Information on CE or other requirements on this anodic coating process

A recent customer request for information was on the need for regulatory approvals for MICRALOX® coated aluminum products sold in the European Union.  The following post is to help navigate this issue.

The determination of what regulatory requirements need to be met, for any jurisdiction, […]

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