MICRALOX®: Another Breakthrough Process From Sanford Process Corporation

Located in Woonsocket, RI, the Sanford Process Corporation has been producing innovative solutions for metal finishing since the early 1960s. Today, it is recognized worldwide for its low voltage AC/DC aluminum hard coat rectification technology.

In 2011, the Sanford Process Corporation began licensing MICRALOX, a patent pending aluminum oxide coating with a micro-crystalline barrier that has revolutionized aluminum anodizing. It is now the fastest growing new aluminum anodizing technology in over a generation and has been adopted by the majority of the global medical OEMs due to its exceptional performance.

MICRALOX produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface that delivers dramatically superior chemical corrosion resistance, eliminates color fading due to super-heated steam, and is an excellent alternative to stainless steel, plastic, and other materials.

Further information on the Sanford Process Corporation can be found at the company’s website, www.sanfordprocess.com. The Sanford Process Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Katahdin Industries Inc. Katahdin provides high-tolerance coating applications and specialized metal-finishing technology and services to the medical device and industrial markets through platform-focused subsidiaries including Precision Coating, and Sanford Process. More information on Katahdin can be found at www.katahdin-inc.com