color_anodizingMICRALOX Provides a Virtually Limitless Palette of Color

The MICRALOX aluminum anodizing process is the ideal solution for color anodizing. Whereas other highly chemically resistant coatings limit color choices MICRALOX does not limit the color choices that are available. With MICRALOX you can choose from any of the dye colors available, as well as all of the combinations and permutations therein. With our unique color anodizing, MICRALOX is the ideal process to fit any aluminum anodizing needs. And unlike other applied coatings, MICRALOX holds tight tolerances to achieve a highly engineered fit between component parts.

MICRALOX Can Be Permanently and Safely Printed

MICRALOX can also receive SANFORD PRINT® – a unique embedded printing technique within the aluminum oxide. Unlike conventional printed ink that resides on the articles surface, SANFORD PRINT does not delaminate or chip, eliminating the risk of loss of product traceability and bio-build up. The fantastic partnership of MICRALOX and SANFORD PRINT allows you to print on your materials in a wide variety of colors and have the peace of mind to know that both your part and print will be protected.