This is No Fish Story for Real – The MICRALOX Salt Water Fishing Reel

By Tim Cabot – President of DCHN

fish_reel_micraloxWe never set out to make fishing equipment corrosion resistant, but if salt water is messing up your fishing reel, we have a story to tell. MICRALOX® was developed to solve the problem of corrosion and discoloration for aluminum medical equipment that requires regular cleaning and sterilization. As many companies have learned, conventional aluminum anodizing just does not perform in these applications, especially where high pH cleaners are used.

Our parent company’s outside board of directors, many of them with years of experience in medical device and equipment manufacturing, have provided some excellent guidance that along with the inherent strength of the coating has led MICRALOX® to become the fastest growing new anodic coating technology in over thirty years.

Somewhere along the line, however, an important line was crossed by one of the outside board members. Advise and consent was ditched in favor of skunk works projects, and little known to me, one of the board members was able to pursue his outside passion – salt water fishing – with a MICRALOX® coated fishing reel.

As all of you anglers know, most reels are made out of aluminum, and they are all coated with decorative Type II aluminum anodizing. And no matter how well you wash down your equipment and the end of the day, the fishing reels usually start to corrode within months because of the salt water. So imagine his delight and my surprise when Bob Rabiner, one of our board members, arrived with a perfectly beautiful and completely untarnished MICRALOX® coated reel that he claimed is used all the time but doesn’t show the use. It’s been over a year now and the aluminum reel looks perfect. Apparently it was an inside job orchestrated by the COO of DCHN, Jack Tetrault, who is another fisherman. Thank goodness they do not have more expensive hobbies.

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