Innovation, Imagination and Expert Teamwork Produced 21st Century MICRALOX

Dave DiBiasio

Dave is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Anodic Coating, Precision Coating Company. Previously sales director at DCHN, Dave brings more than 30 years of successful sales experience in precision measuring and coating technology fields. Prior to his time at DCHN, he worked for Brown and Sharpe and Hexagon Metrology in various capacities—including Director of Sales United States, Canada, and Mexico; and General Manager and COO, U.S. and NAFTA markets.







Chynna Lopes

Chynna is the Technical Sales Manager, Anodic Coatings. She has a BS in Chemical Engineering and has established a strong technical and project management foundation in anodic coating applications working in Precision Coating’s engineering department. Chynna acquired valuable medical systems knowledge and customer communication skills as Quality Manager, where she led the organization through ISO 13485 certification. This combination of skills and her enthusiasm for end-user applications translate well to her current responsibilities.






Mike Sung

Mike is the Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Anodic Coatings. Previously, Mike has worked as an Engineering Manager at Flextronics, and as a Product Engineer at Oxford Instruments and Waters Corporation, and Millipore. Mike holds an MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago. An innovative researcher, Mike is a named inventor on a number of US and foreign patents, including most recently those related to MICRALOX®.