A Revolutionary Basis Technology for Corrosion Protection

Jude Mary Runge, Ph.D., CompCote International, Inc., Lombard, Illinois, USA
Mike Sung, Ph.D., Sanford Process Corporation, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA

Microcrystalline Anodic Aluminum Oxide CoatingsPerformance criteria for the Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO): Environmental impact, ability to be decorated (dye-ability), durability (wear resistance), corrosion resistance, chemical stability, cost and thermal conductivity; are largely met by finishes available by way of current anodizing process technologies. Increasing demands from industry have put emphasis on the performance criteria of chemical stability and corrosion resistance, especially in repeated exposure to alkaline environments. This paper presents the results of an intensive development program, through which, by following a strategic problem-solving path to improve the AAO structure through an enhanced post treatment process, a partial conversion of the typically amorphous structure to a crystalline structure was achieved and scientifically proven. The benefits of this structural change are documented through a variety of engineering tests in aggressive environments.

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