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Fine detailed text printed on surgical case.

Embedded Printing,  Permanent and Indestructible


Developed by Sanford Process Corporation, SANFORD PRINT™ results in permanent marking by embedding the ink deep into the aluminum hard coat. Completed before the oxide is sealed, the resulting print is secured below the surface and is invulnerable to abrasion, chipping and delamination. Consequently, the print is completely protected and remains readable over the extended life of the part. This high quality print is a validated solution for all applications requiring frequent cleaning and sterilization – conditions that cause conventional print to fail with the resultant loss of critical information and traceability.

  • High resolution printing
  • Half tone printing
  • Broad range of ink colors / multiple colors on part
  • Extraordinary print quality for logos, artwork, and text
  • Eliminate risk of print delaminating, and fading due to thermal cycles, cleaning detergents, as well as aggressive physical handling
  • No formation of bio-films underneath ink


Ideal for Medical Trays, Cases, Cassettes, and Instruments: Combined with MICRALOX®, SANFORD PRINT™ provides validated performance for medical parts made from aluminum that require regularly cleaning and sterilization, even when high pH detergents are used. The resulting finish and print remain clear and unchanged over the service life of the part – demonstrated performance adopted by leading orthopedic and medical device companies around the world.

How long will the printing last on your medical equipment? A whole lot longer with SANFORD PRINT.

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